Used Shipping Containers Re-purposed into Homes.

Our vision is to provide a consumer-driven alternative to traditional construction using cargo containers & other innovative building materials & sciences. Our buildings & designs will deliver high-performance energy efficiency, with a unique look & lifestyle.

We offer two applications of container housing. An accessory dwelling unit that consists of a single 20' container and a primary dwelling, consisting of 2 - 40'containers on a fixed foundation. We're happy to show you examples of both, and we'd love to understand your vision for a container home.

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Enjoy reduced utility & maintenance costs. Our buildings are well-insulated and use 30% less energy than traditional homes A Modern Lifestyle Experience

A Modern Lifestyle Experience


Smart technology like remote controlled thermostats, lighting and even security, are here. Our homes create synergy between big technology and small spaces.

Maximize Minimal Space


When your home is efficient, you can be more efficient. Studies show we don't need larger spaces to live in. Tedious tasks become quicker, living becomes easier, and you become happier.

Introducing ReContained

Smart. Affordable housing built with shipping containers..

What is ReContained?

A sneak peek at what we do. This video from Unmanned services, located in Lexington, shows the placement of 2 40' containers ready to be welded together and quickly turned into a 640 sqft living space for working artists.

ReContained History

We saw an opportunity to deliver a new type of home. Building science innovations in the last decade have empowered new thoughts on how homes are created. Emerge Contracting spent more than a year in developing the first container designs & acquiring the key skills to cut & weld containers. Launched as a new company, with some venture capital & a seasoned Board of Directors, ReContained was able to sell the first two container projects in 2015.

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Where we go from here

The interest in container buildings is growing, with major media outlets covering the topic on a regular basis (CNN Money & USA Today). ReContained plans to serve the regional needs for different types of consumers. Whether it's the "Off-The-Grid" model for outdoorsmen, or it's the popular 2-container "Elkhorn", we hope to meet the growing demand for container buildings.

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Upcycled Containers

Did you know there are an estimated 700,000 unused containers in the US right now? Having been a net importer for more than 30 years, we don't send back empty containers to the countries that import to us. Designed to be airtight & waterproof, these containers are perfect building blocks. What better way to reduce the carbon footprint of new construction with repurposing a used shipping container?

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